Boston Legal "Smile" Episode - Host A Viewing Party!

What Is "Smile" About?

One of the issues this episode addresses is access to emergency contraception in hospital emergency rooms for women who have been raped. When Amelia is brought to a local Catholic hospital following a sexual assault, her request for EC is denied. Unable to access the EC in time for it to be effective, Amelia finds herself pregnant and decides to take her case public by suing the hospital.



What Can I Do?

This episode is a great opportunity to spread the word about need for EC in emergency rooms, and you can help by hosting a viewing party! Here's how to prepare:

  1. Download our Host Toolkit with all the
    information you need

  2. Invite your friends and neighbors over to
    watch the episode using our Sample Invitation
    (Word document). 
    Try using to send your invitation.

  3. Get a copy of the episode. will lend you a DVD copy. All you need to do is  
    Ask us about it

Download the Host Toolkit!
The Host Toolkit includes everything you need to host your own successful viewing party:

  • Host/Facilitator Instructions

  • Episode Guide with Talking Points

  • Fact Sheet about Emergency Contraception & Sexual Assault

  • Next Steps for Activists

Download the Host Toolkit.  You will need Adobe PDF Reader to view it (free download).

Tell Us About Your Party! would love to hear about your viewing party. Please email a short description of your experience, of what worked or didn't work, and your general impression of the episode and discussion content to You can also read the Viewing Party Feedback to hear about what other groups are doing and talking about at their viewing parties!



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